The Group

Bonino designs, manufactures and sells Automatic Systems for the orientation and control of low, medium and high speed production lines.
The Group operates worldwide in every industry sector (automotive, cosmetic, food, …) and market type (assembly, packaging, filling, …).

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The Group works with and for its clients to fulfil their needs with a product/service combination of excellence which in terms of execution, reliability, strength and performance represents a real value-added to competitive products and services.
In this sense, we continue our commitment to product and process innovation, breaking down each suggestion given to us as a stimulus for new reflections, tests or actions. The management believes in responsible leadership, aimed at sustainable economic growth gained through respect for human values.


Opportunity, integrity, respect, excellence, transparency, passion, identity, comparison, integration and competition: 10 keywords on which we base every business strategy.
Sharing these values is the essence of our corporate culture: we reinforce our commitment on a daily basis with this perspective in mind, so that every corporate business represents the new opportunity for growth that we expect.
Honouring these corporate values by elevating them to principles to be followed in life is the fuel that feeds our social conscience, gives us satisfaction for efforts made and the consequent necessary serenity for accepting new challenges.
Respecting the right to life of every human being, Bonino does not lend its services to the defence industry.