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Working at Bonino

Bonino is a dynamic Group, committed to delivering on promises, ready to accept new challenges and committed to innovation.
Bonino men and women work daily, sharing this philosophy and the company Core Values .
Meritocracy, team and results: these are the three pillars that have supported our business for 35 years and on which our future will be founded, aimed at a robust and balanced growth.
Bonino supports and rewards talent, trying to bring out creativity and stimulate the resourcefulness of each employee. Features that have neither gender nor age nor qualifications: which is why every year we hire men and women who are just entering the workforce or are already trained, young or mature, with and without academic qualifications.
We consider training to be a unique resource for a successful future. The Group’s increasing investments in training reveal a desire to instil in future generations the necessary expertise to deal with today’s challenges with optimism and to face those of tomorrow with enthusiasm.
“Why not?; Thank you; Can you help me?; Can you explain?; Can I try?; I’ve already thought of it, well done!; I’ll take care of it”: these are the key phrases that characterise being part of the Bonino organisation.

For years now, the Bonino Group has been working with several universities and professional institutes organising short and medium-term internships at our places of work.

Student opportunities > Internships & Project work:
The Bonino Group offers students work experiences in line with their studies and flanked by an expert tutor for the entire duration of the project.

Opportunities for graduates > Internship & Placement:
The Bonino Group offers graduates internships and placement opportunities in various sectors of the company:

  • for completion of the final graduate thesis
  • to learn about the real world of working
  • to have the chance to be hired

We are always on the lookout for successful professionals with experience in other companies operating in our same industry, professionals with a strong sense of teamwork and drive to reach new thresholds.

Selection process:
Send us your curriculum

  • 1st interview to get to know one another
  • 2nd interview to learn more, if the 1st interview had a positive result