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IMG_TAB_VolareWe only regard the growth that contributes systematically and concretely to the evolution of the communities in which the Group operates, as sustainable.
So we set up corporate internships annually for high-school and college students, training them and supporting their school activities and, at the same time, preparing them to face their imminent entry into the working world in the best way possible.
We pay close attention to the events and social life of our community trying to actively contribute to social well-being.
We believe in the benefits of sports as a training activity and even more so when it represents an additional and real opportunity in life. For this reason, we contributed to kick off the Sporting Club No Profit “Volare”, aimed at promoting the project “Sport for everyone”.

Honouring and exceeding its goals through significant investment in Research and Development, the Group has managed, in a period of just over five years, to reduce the energy requirements needed for its production by 22%. Even more noticeable are the results obtained with respect to average energy consumption required for the use of our products, which fell by almost 30%, going as low as 64% for some products.
Our commitment also addresses the dimensional reduction of the products while maintaining the parameters and functional characteristics. For this purpose we have developed new technological solutions which have led to, for some applications, a reduction of 35% in square metres, allowing for the optimisation of the production/environmental impact ratio.

IMG_TAB_PersoneThe Group employs a multi-ethnic staff. We believe that multiculturalism, where it is accompanied by social inclusion, represents a valuable asset for Bonino. For this reason, we work constantly to share common values needed to create team spirit on which we base our strength, trying to highlight individuality. The Core Values of our business are values that tend to reflect human nature and as such are common principles in different cultures.
In terms of safety, we are proud to see a steady decline in the number of accidents at work, a 67% decrease from 2014 to 2015 in the number of accidents and 80% decrease in absenteeism. These achievements are the result of strict internal policies consisting of investments in active safety and preventive training in amounts exceeding €500,000 over the past five years.
Bonino also perseveres in providing its own internal corporate Welfare policy, aimed at increasing the level of employee satisfaction is terms of life outside work and retribution, providing concrete benefits that improve the quality of private lives and instil in employees that desired sense of belonging and serenity that professional satisfaction cannot provide alone.


Alessandria, January 2023

Bonino S.r.l. has adopted an Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety Management System in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System) and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) regulations.

The primary objective of Management is to earn a good returns on our investment and at the same time look after all the interested Parts, first of all the customers, their needs and expectations.

Management believes that this objective can be reached by optimising the internal supplier-customer process by  adopting the following strategy:

  • Keeping company goals under constant observation,establishing the context, evaluatingrisks and opportunities to determine the overall efficiency of the organization in terms of the goals set and to identify and implement actions in the Quality, Environment and Safety Management System as needed to improve performances;
  • Making improvement a daily goal, constantly innovating and improving the product range, investing in R&D, monitoring levels of customer satisfaction and real needs of all the interested Parts, pursuing technically and financially viable activities that can improve the quality of the environment and safety in the work place, keeping energy use to a minimum, updating processes and technology as called for by law. Searching for constant improvement also means choosing suppliers that meet Bonino’s expectations in terms of Quality, Environment and Safety. Bonino is committed to used low environmental impact materials and produce less waste by recycling;
  • Involvement of all employees, increasing their awareness of issues regarding Quality, the Environment and Safety through training, updates and the involvement of all of those who work to achieve the goals set by Management;
  • Involvement of key suppliersworking towards the improvement of the integrated corporate system and therefore the Company, establishing a close collaboration with them that will bring about growth for all.
  • Responsible investments over the surroundings, respecting the Environment.


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