Alessandria, 2013-12-09

Press release


On December 6th 2013, at Venaria Royal Palace (Venaria Reale – TO) the Bonino Group presented the WOW2020! Project (World & Occupation Within 2020) will start up next January 1st, 2014.
The project foresees – within 2020 – the opening of 2 new Over Seas production sites: one in America and the other one in Asia.
Our goal is to be as close as possible to our markets, in order to improve our business.
This project was born already as an idea in 2009. But at that time we understood that we weren’t ready for such an important step: we had to fill a technical gap about our portfolio products, essential condition for world production.
Therefore, over the last 5 years we invested, both in terms of research and development and through know how acquisition from other competitors.
Nowadays we think that the basic requirements have been reached, necessary to transform that idea we had in 2009 into a real project, made by clear planning and milestones. From next January 1st, 2014, the project will start up.
From that moment, many activities took place , firstly we identified those countries where we were interested in establishing our sites, then we chose the workforce that would have the double assignment to realize investments and create the work teams necessary to start the production on the new sites.
500 guests took part to the event, among whom all the employees with their families, Clients and national and international strategic Partners, athletes and staff of the no-profit Programme VOLARE (founded by Bonino Group and officiated by eng. Paolo Bonino) and the following authorities:

  • Dr. Romilda Tafuri ‐ Prefect AL (stage speech)
  • Dr. Filippo Dispenza ‐ Commissioner AL (stage speech)
  • Dr Gianna Gancia ‐ President of Cuneo Province
  • Dr Giuseppe Benedetto ‐ Director of Piemonte Region’s Production Activities
  • Eng. Marco Giovannini ‐ President of Confindustria AL (stage speech)
  • Dr. Federico Gregorio ‐ Piemonte Region’s Councilor
  • Dr. Riccardo Molinari ‐ Piemonte Region’s Council Member
  • On.Dr. Roberto Cota ‐ Piemonte Region’s President (stage speech)

In this occasion the Group also expressed the results of the last 5 years of activity: +120% occupation growth; +108% turnover growth.
In 12 months the activities of WOW2020 Projects carried out in 2014 will be explained.

Press release of the event